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Yak & Yeti Himalayan Restaurant MenU
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Entrées - Vegetarian

1) Palak Paneer (Indian)
Fresh home made cheese cooked in ever so lightly spiced, blended spinach.
Served over Rice.

2) Kathmandu Daal Bhatt (Nepalese/Indian)
Very lightly spiced lentils served with Raita, over Rice. This is a staple base dish in Nepal and in India and heavenly with ghee (clarified butter) to add to the buttery taste.

3) Baigan Bharta (Indian)
Marinated eggplant cooked with house garam masala. Similar to babaganoush in texture and served warm. Served over rice, with Raita.

4) Dehra Dun Channa Masala (Indian)
Garbanzo beans stewed in a spicy curry. Served over rice, with Raita.

5) Vegetable Jalfrezi (Indian)
Vegetable mix sautéed with spices. Served over rice, with Raita.

6) Mutter Paneer (Indian)
Home made fresh cheese and peas cooked in a lightly spiced tomato based curry. Served over rice, with Raita.

7) Aloo Gobhi (Indian)
Cauliflower and potatoes cooked in a semi dry curry.
Served over rice, with Raita.

Entrées – Non-Vegetarian

1) Lhasa Momos (Tibetan) 10 pieces  AVAILABLE FOR DINNERS ONLY Momos are meaty Tibetan beef dumplings steamed in a flour dough wrapper. Served with our own special Yak and Yeti hot sauce. If you ever visit a Tibetan home, as a special guest, this is probably what you would be treated with for a meal.

2) Coconut Shrimp Malai (Indian)
Shrimp sautéed in flavorful coconut cream sauce. Served over rice.

3) Lamb Curry (Indian)
Marinated lamb curried in a slightly spicy(hot) sauce. Served over rice, with Raita. In general, sheep and goat meat are the tastier meats to cook in a curry because their flavors tend to complement the spices very well. Goat curry is a favorite of our chef’s and we hope to have it on our menu in the future.

4) Spicy Goat curry – when available 
A favorite of our chef’s. Similar to lamb curry but stronger in flavor and SPICY.

5) Chicken Tikka Masala (Indian)
Tandoor-barbequed marinated chicken simmered in tangy cream sauce. Served over rice, with Raita.

6) Kalimpong Shapta (Tibetan)
Tasty stir fried spicy pork, Shapta is the Tibetan version of Buffalo wings and served with Tibetan steamed buns. Excellent with a chilled Coke or Alaskan beer. As in all good pork, good for Alaska and good for you.

7) Tibetan Chicken Curry (Tibetan/Indian)
Cornish game hen cooked Tibetan style. Served over rice, with Raita. Tibetans, having lived in India for half a century, have either integrated Indian spices into their cuisine or tempered Indian cuisine. This dish is an example of the latter. Served over rice, with Raita.

8) Pork Vindaloo (Indian)
By popular request we have introduced this dish which was brought to Goa, India by the Portuguese and made flavorful by the Indians. As originally created, this dish starts with pork marinated in red wine vinegar and then cooked in Indian spices. We are serving this dish with a heat index of medium but can bump it up upon request. Served over rice, with Raita.

9) Keema Curry (Indian)
Ground beef and peas curried in mild spices. Served over rice, with Raita. This is not a dish that you would normally find in many Indian restaurants but we love the unique taste of this dish and would like to share it with you. Served over rice, with Raita.

Combination Plates

1) Daal Bhaat and Shapta  
Served over rice, with Raita. Tibetans living in India and Nepal have adapted their adopted countries’ cuisine to suit their own taste, generally by adding meat to the standard Indian/Nepalese fare. Daal Bhaat and a side dish of meat or meat with vegetables has now become a standard in many Tibetan homes in India and Nepal.

2) Daal Bhaat and Lamb Curry
Served over rice, with Raita. Indians and Nepalese supplement their main meals with a meat dish and lamb curry is an excellent accompaniment to the daal bhaat base.

***All dishes can be made Medium, Hot, Spicy, or Screaming Hot.***


1) Darjeeling Chai (Indian/Nepalese)
Classic Indian/Nepalese herb spiced Darjeeling tea with milk. Served warm or iced.

2) Delhi Iced Coffee
Long before coffee became popular in the US, iced coffee was a big hit in Janpath, Delhi. Try our version of this refreshing drink made with Indian coffee.

3) Lhassi (Mango or Strawberry)
Traditionally served in India with just sugar or salt, we have added mango or strawberry to this mouth cooling yogurt drink.

4) Sodas

5) Pellegrino (23.5 oz bottle)


1) Kheer (Indian)
Classic Indian Rice pudding garnished with nuts. Served chilled.

2) Gajar Ki Halwa (Indian)
Delicious carrot dessert cooked in sweetened milk. Served warm.

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